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About Me

Hello, I’m Anna.

From a young age I have been interested in the beauty of spaces and the power of design to transform them. It began at age 11 when I visited a friend’s house. Her mother, an interior designer, had curated such a beautiful home that it left a huge impression on me, inspiring my first project a year or 2 later which was to paint my bedroom lavender with a matt black trim after reading the description in a book. Luckily my parents didn’t put up too much objection!


My passion for interiors increased as I grew older, but there were a few twists and turns in my journey to this point.


Having worked in the super-yachting industry for 15 years, I have had the opportunity to live on some of the most luxurious yachts, travel the world, and experience diverse cultures and design aesthetics.  It was while working for a yacht construction company, where I was an interior consultant, that I truly understood the impact of design. Balancing the need for lavish interiors within small spaces, whilst still creating a harmonious design was definitely an art and it was at this point that I realised design wasn’t just a career—it was my calling.


Armed with a degree in Interior Design, I took my first steps into the digital realm in 2018, by starting my blog, Flamingo Cocktail. This allowed me to nurture my love for design while still embracing the nomadic lifestyle my partner and I led, from yacht to airbnb, around the world and back again. Whilst floating around the world, I further expanded my skillset with a digital marketing qualification – more on that later!


Home took on a new meaning when we settled in picturesque Brittany in 2023. Having already been freelancing in interiors, offering remote e-design interior services since the Covid pandemic, I was finally putting down roots and the time came to establish Anna Riorden Interiors.


At Anna Riorden Interiors, I embrace a holistic approach to interior design, drawing from my diverse experiences to create harmonious sanctuaries that resonate with positive energy, promote well-being, and reflect each clients unique style and aspirations.


Let’s create your dream space


Bretagne - Brighton


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